10 x 4.5 1045 Rotating Shaft Propellers for Multi Copter - Black (Pair)

10 x 4.5 1045 Rotating Shaft Propellers for Multi Copter - Black (Pair)
10 x 4.5 1045 Rotating Shaft Propellers for Multi Copter - Black (Pair)

Color: Black - Material: ABS + Fiber - Propeller diameter: 25.0mm - Propeller pads: 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 7.8mm - Thickness of center: 9.4cm - Diameter of Shaft: 6.7mm - Recommended wheelbase: 550mm - 700mm - Recommended motor: 800KV - 1100KV - Accessories: - 2 x 1045 Propellers (Pairs) - 2 x Ring groups (6 pieces per group)

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Extension or to “extend” means the making of additions to a Heritage Building which affects its character as such. In case of mechanical ventilation and central air conditioning for all types of buildings and spaces HVAC relevant code of Practice as may be approved by the Authority shall be followed.

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. It shall be unlawful for any person to demolish, alter or extend any heritage building without obtaining the prior approval of the concerned Department and completing necessary required formalities of this Authority. “Fire Escape” means an exit from a building, for use in the event of fire. Space between blocks in Residential Plots. Two sets of all documents relating to the plot together with a letter from the Concerned Authority confirming the title/land use physically fresh demarcated/dimensions of the plot along with the existence of any road widening/cut line reservation. Initially tetanus prophylaxis, antibiotics with gram negative and positive coverage, and application of an external fixator with repeat I&D’s are employed for immediate fracture care. Where car lifts are provided there shall be a minimum of two car lifts with facilities of standby generator where-ever so required. In addition to a per room requirement, parking space shall be provided for all other facilities e.g. All scaffolds, working gangways, runs and stairs shall be maintained to ensure safety and security. If the above Technical Committee finds such building dangerous/ ruinous/unsafe after proper inspection and investigation. any other activity which has been designated as industry by the Federal Government or Government of Sindh through a notification. MP&ECD may in consultation with the Concerned Authority declare and notify widening and new alignment of any other road/street. The Developer shall initiate the process for the arrangement of bulk supply of electricity and gas for the concerned development scheme/area.


. “Building Works” means erection or re-erection/modification including complete or partial demolition of a building including full or partial thereof or making additions and alterations to an existing building. Where controlled/Limited infrastructural development may be allowed and public access may also be allowed. “License” means a permission, granted under these Regulations by the Authority to perform such functions as are allowed under these Regulations.

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. The credit if any, of the cost of such demolition and sale after appropriation, shall be paid to the owner after deducting the charges accrued by the Authority such demolition. Ample space between property line and high water line. the nearest whole number to next higher side of parking spaces shall be taken. The Authority shall charge for the scrutiny of building plans and other matters during the disposal of the plan or in phase of its construction a fee to be known as Scrutiny fee. Above ground open washing space and water tank. The sale of unutilized floor area of the Heritage building must be recorded with Department of Heritage and with the Authority. In case of inflammable or explosive materials, being stored, prior permission from the relevant authorities shall be obtained. “Person” includes any individual, company or association of bodies or individuals, whether incorporated or not, or any public agency. Revocation of License Without prejudice to any other action that may be authorized under the Ordinance or the rules framed there under the Authority may revoke or suspend the license of a Licensee/firm etc. Change of land use of amenity: No amenity plot reserved for the specific purpose shall be converted or utilized for any other purpose. This amount or lesser amount shall be refunded on the, successful completion of the project and after obtaining the Occupancy/Completion Certificate and the expiry of the maintenance period as enunciated in the NOC granted by the Authority. “External Wall” means any outer wall of a building abutting on an external or internal open space on adjoining property lines. after issuance of show cause notice and, if the licensee fails to satisfy the Authority in respect of the violation of these regulations as allegedly committed by him from the Authority. Transportation terminals: includes airports, harbours, railway stations and yards, bus depots, truck terminal stands and tramway depots and terminals.

In the case of Category “D” Building, the notice will be issued after personal inspection by at least a Deputy Controller of Buildings. waterways, streets, road and lanes and such other places as defined in these Regulations. Offensive trades emanating obnoxious Smells/Effluents. dilapidation, obsolescence, natural disasters or leading to abandonment due to all these reasons to a level, where it c not be restored to its original status, shall classify as Dangerous Building Category-I, and shall liable to be demolished. “Department” means the Government of Sindh Culture, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs Department. The appeal against the decision of the Committee may be referred to Oversee Committee and its decision shall be final. The authority shall accord approval after levying a composition fee in addition to the scrutiny fee if the building is constructed as per these regulations. In no case shall the internal diameter of a soil pipe or waste pipe be less, than the internal diameter of any pipe or of the outlet of any appliance which discharges into it. CNG Station can be installed on Commercial or Industrial Plots after following the due procedure for conversion and after payment of prescribed conversion charges. List of all soil testing equipment required. All fixture shall be divided proportionately amongst the genders. No construction or occupancy shall be allowed over it within COS. These include following areas along Hawkesbay and Sandspit and Manora Beach: green turtle mangrove swamps, coral reef, oyster beds, Rock Pools and bird roasting and nesting sites. Open balconies projecting on to public streets from buildings abutting such streets be permitted by the authority such projection shall not be used as a room as per conditions stated here under: Width of Street Max. Large open space for car parking along the approach road will be provided. Japan import carbon fiber material Epoxy resin cover. Condition Current Converted Total Floor Area No. In this case the developer shall simply inform the Authority, along with relevant inflation, figure. No basement or structure shall be permitted in the portion of the plot affected by Road Widening Scheme. Winders shall be permitted in Category I buildings and bungalows only. “House/Bungalow means an independent residential building for the use of people, a family/families having at least one habitable room with a kitchen, a bath, and a toilet. Plot Shape Plot shapes shall generally be rectangular quadrangles; provided, however, that where this would cause practical difficulties arising from irregular or Unique features of a plot, the development may apply for an exception. Adequate space shall be provided for parking for oil supply tankers while discharging its load. “Government means the Government of Sindh. The expenses shall be recoverable from the owner or owners in the manner provided for the recovery of arrears of land revenues or taxes. He undergoes immediate tibial nailing with debridement and primary closure of his traumatic wound. heretofore or hereafter approved by, or on behalf of MP&ECD for a specified existing or new community or a major area thereof, which may include area standards or other provisions relating to. Protection of Existing Services During the making of an excavation in connection with a building works or services, adequate precautions shall be taken to secure the existing services. “Alteration” means any change brought about after the approval of Building plan without affecting or violating any provision of these Regulations. “Proposed Plans” means plans submitted for approval in respect of proposed building works and/or land, development work and/or land development work. If a protected shaft consists of a stairway it shall not contain any pipe conveying oil or gas, or a ventilating duct. The provisions of the Master/Development Plan, and of any applicable concept plan or contingency plan or other development plan for the community in which the proposed land development is located. The Committee, before approving or rejecting an application, shall also see besides prescribed qualifications and experience, the capability of the applicant. Parking: includes driveway, parking spaces, bus bays, parking lots, ramps and buildings used wholly for parking purposes. Change in nomenclature/type of industry is permissible upon clearance from the Concerned Authority. No structure or part of a structure of ground floor may project beyond such building line or building setback line. “Owner” means a person or persons holding title to a piece of plot or land/construction thereupon. The rights of easement, appurtenances and other common rights shall be transferred to such Association/Society. Exemption from Provision of Parking Space The following types of buildings/plots shall be exempted from provision of car parking space within the premises. “Allottee” means a person or a body who purchases a unit in a public sale project. List of all Material Testing equipment required. The decision of this Committee shall be final and irrevocable. Individual plots outside the policy will not be c red for commercialization. Fee for NOC A Developer shall pay to the Authority a fee for the “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE FOR SALE” as per the provision of Ordinance.

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. Arrangement for fire fighting, alarming system in case of tidal waves, cyclone etc. “Licensee” means an individual’s or firm who has been duly licensed by the Authority. shall not contain any pipe conveying oil or gas or any ventilating duct. “Society” means an organization registered as such under the relevant laws. This is a sensitive area affecting other areas. Korangi Creek, Phitti Creek, Kadero Creek and Gharo Creek. He shall assume full responsibility as if he were the author, for the correction and competence of all designs prepared by the Professional previously engaged. Specifications Specifications of Material Quality Control and workmanship will be of high quality and in accordance with the requirements of ACI Building Codes. This amount should be paid at the time of deposit of challan. Fees for Registration/renewal of Builder/Developer Registration I Fees for Builder Registration Rs. Revised/Amendment of Plan In public sale building deviation in internal layouts shall not be allowed during the construction stage. Every ladder shall be of good construction, sound material and adequate strength for the purpose for which it is used. In case the license violates the terms and conditions, as per these Regulations for the third time the license shall stand cancelled. References: Virtual Curriculum Members Only for Virtual Curriculum members. The proof engineer will be equally responsible in case there is any error in design, drawing and/or calculations, which may result in a problem in the said building. All Cinemas, theatres and similar places public assembly. “Footpath” means the portion of a plot of land covered, at any level, by a building or part thereof other than basement. “Sun-Shade” means an outside projection from a building to provide protection from weather, which cannot be converted to habitable space. Сталекс, Ножницы для кутикулы H-15, 23 мм. The owner or occupier of the building shall be given an opportunity of appearing before Authority in person or by an agent in support of his objection, if he so desires. Vacant improved land includes land reclaimed for development such as through the provision of major roads and trunk utility lines, but not yet developed. “Prescribed” means prescribed by these Regulations. After architectural approval six sets of structural working drawings and two sets of structural calculations shall be submitted for record duly signed by the owner and stamped by Architect and Structural Engineer respectively. Building Supervisor Category I Three years diploma in Civil Engineering or Architecture plus minimum two years experience in Building Construction. institutional, assembly, storage commercial use etc. Government Uses: includes the use of land for all governmental purposes such as offices, post offices, police stations, jails and foreign missions other than uses specifically included in other classifications. The cost of various shall be determined by the Authority from time to time as per provisions of Ordinance. Any person holding such permission shall put up and maintain to the satisfaction of the Concerned Authority, fences or barriers in order to separate the building work from such street. “Floor Area Ratio” means the total floor area of a building divided by the area of the plot. Jinnah Road Abdullah Haroon Road Zaibunisa Street I. All ownership and title documents including Allotment Order, Possession Order, Site Plan and Lease Deed etc. The development plans or the contingency plans should be submitted to the Government for its approval. Fishing: includes fish harbours fish ponds and fish farms or- hatcheries. In case the sale proceeds are insufficient to meet total charges of the Authority for such demolition the same be recovered from the owner as the arrears of land revenue. The MP&ECD shall also issue a public notice for the change of land use of the plot I plots in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and the expenses shall be borne by the applicant. Any steel beam or column, wherever forming part of or carrying an. In the case of redevelopment schemes, the Concerned Authority shall refer its determinations of such density requirements to MP&ECD and such requirements shall be subject to MP&ECD approval. to otherwise promote the implementation of the Karachi Master Plan or a concept plan or other development plan. The applicant shall pay the prescribed fees and other charges to MP&ECD. Aquatic Recreational Areas: Sea coast, lakes, rivers, ponds, water falls, boating basins, marine promenade, marine clubs, yachting clubs, Urban uses – Non residentiary. If MP&ECD or the Concerned Authority, as the case may be denies the application or grants permission subject to conditions it shall state the reasons for the denial or conditions. “Chimney” means a structure enclosing one or more flues, and includes any opening therein for the function of a heat producing appliance/fireplace. In case of corner plot, COS on sides abutting the lane or road shall be condoned and arcade will be provided


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