315mm Wooden Main Blades for Esky 013/014 Belt-CP Helicopters - 2400rpm Max (2-Piece Set)

315mm Wooden Main Blades for Esky 013/014 Belt-CP Helicopters - 2400rpm Max (2-Piece Set)
315mm Wooden Main Blades for Esky 013/014 Belt-CP Helicopters - 2400rpm Max (2-Piece Set)

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We at the CCBA understand that not all of our members are able to travel abroad and have the opportunity to buysome of the mutations they may desire. Everybody connected to the East Midlands zone would like to thank all of them for their hard work and dedication at keeping the zone going. Any member awaiting a response from Gary by email , or indeed those who may have placed orders via the web shop will understand why no response has been received. I agree, but neither can we continue to run at huge losses or the Association will cease to exist. The computer owned by the association has developed a fault and is currently with a technical repair team. One has been visited, others will be next week, and if we quickly get other suggestions we will follow them up as well. We hope that this does not inconvenience you and that you will still be able to enter your birds with us.We are now able to confirm that the judge for this show will be ALAN MASON. Libby will be there offering free advice and support on bird healthcare and will also be bringing a small range of products and other services like bird swab testing for our members. Unlike those who do nothing other than try to make mischief, every one of the committee members contributes tremendously to the Association and give up a huge amount of time every week to try and make a difference for everyone. The object being to ask zones not to make any moves until we had agreed on best action. An unwelcome off shoot is that as all the top judges in Europe visit the event, the chances of us attracting any to adjudicate at our show diminishes. No one member will probably avail themselves of everything, but they must be given choice. A suggestion made on social media was that the CCBA should  not be a profit making organisation. Inevitably this will not be welcomed in some quarters. More and more members have taken to visiting overseas shows to acquaint themselves with the beauty of the many variations of mutations both in lipochrome and melanin varieties. The zone will continue under a new committee as we look to carry on the good work by Mick, Sue & Dave. It is they who rarely get to see and enjoy the ACS because they are constantly working, and if anything can be done to allow them to enjoy the hobby further, then I certainly will do everything in my power to see that it happens. Now if that is not acceptable to some then no doubt we shall see a large number of nominations for the committee so that they can come into the fold and replace the current team.

Large numbers of exhibitors have expressed their delight when we have engaged overseas judges before, and occasionally we would want to continue the trend. Манометр Avs El 800.  Unfortunately, some CBS secretaries look at the numbers of birds benched historically and use this to  base  their  judgement when inviting judges toofficiate. As a precaution the Publicity Officer warned zone secretaries that we might need to change both date and venue for this year’s ACS. Our job however is to attend to the wishes of our members and whilst regrettable, should we cause problems elsewhere then I am afraid that will happen. Any doubts that I personally might have had about the date change would have instantly disappeared. I have been told that Home Counties are considering changing their date so as to not clash with the Golden Ring.   We are currently looking at a number of venues to hold the show. The Avon Zone have changed their show date so as not to clash with the VvNK event, thus allowing interested parties to attend both shows. They are getting clean away as there is generally a lack of security or they are bypassing any alarms the come across. PRO-BIKER MCS-03 Motorcycle Racing Full-Finger Warmer Gloves - Blue + Black + Grey(Size XL / Pair). Neville has been an active member of the CCBA for many years and it is with sadness that the committee have had to accept his request. I will be ordering rosettes shortly so need to have figures for rosettes needed. Be assured the committee are committed to provide the best service possible and to serve up an excellent ACS, and we will continue with this aim.                                   G. The decision was made to make the date change at the committee meeting held last weekend.

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. This was repeated on the website, and social media. эмаль MOTIP 12 мл Ford лунная серебристая metallic.

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. Although an irritation this was not a major problem, in that I discussed our dilemma with the President of the Belgian judges, who told me if necessary he could find us replacements. In consequence they would not be attending. Normal sequential rings are unaffected and will be available throughout the season. Roberto Scurati is a well-known Italian breeder & exhibitor and we are delighted he has asked to attend our show this year as his first visit to the UK. This of course then clashes with the date that has been used for the ACS in recent years and means that no one can support both events. This committee is also well aware that we cannot ever please everyone. We hope this will now end some of the uncertainty around the All Colour Show and we can all look forward to a successful breeding & show season ahead. The function of the CCBA committee is to try and offer the best range of products, services and general assistance to allow members to make the most of their hobby. The committee believe that by offering our members the opportunity to viewand have the choice to purchase if they so wish  that this will only enhance the coloured canary fancy in the UK. We had heard a week or so before that the Sussex Zone had followed Yorkshire in disbanding, which is bad news. Because the weeks surrounding the ACS were filled by zone shows , there was not an easy way to make changes for people who wanted to attend both events.  Free Patronage & Judges expenses for CBS shows!!CAGE BIRD SOCIETIESare to benefit from a new scheme, which aims to increase coloured canary entries at shows while giving trainee judges experience. Roberto will be attending with his trade stand to offer our members a wide range of mutations & colours you would only normally see in large quantities when in Europe. This regrettable state of affairs is the responsibility of the printer whom we employ to carry out this job. This will allow those who want to visit both the ACS and Reggio to do so. Any constructive suggestions are of course most welcome and can be sent to me or any other member of the committee. They are researching the premises and come equipped to transport the birds away.   There have, I am told been scurrilous suggestions on social media that the changes were being made to accommodate some committee members. Too often, coloured  canaries  are  placed byjudges of other varieties. The CCBA have reciprocated the patronage with them sending John back with four rosettes. Further information and full show details will be in the schedule posted out in the autumn Colour Breeder. Whilst at the World Show last month I was approached by Glemet and Hery who had agreed to judge our show this year and told that they had not realised that Reggio had moved dates. They are most selective and know the steal. During his visit John presented the CCBA with four diplomas which he has asked to be presented at our ACS , he has asked that they be presented for , Best Lipochrome exhibit , Best Black or Brown , Best Agate or Isabel , Best Melanin. The ridiculous second guessing , name calling and general rubbish being placed on social media, will neither make the process any quicker nor draw comments from the committee. When we have something of importance to tell members then we will do so. Комплект адаптеров АТЛАНТ 8614


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