6-in-1 10A Electronic Motor Speed Controller w/ 1400KV Motor Set for Fixed Wing R/C Aircraft

6-in-1 10A Electronic Motor Speed Controller w/ 1400KV Motor Set for Fixed Wing R/C Aircraft
6-in-1 10A Electronic Motor Speed Controller w/ 1400KV Motor Set for Fixed Wing R/C Aircraft

5g SG90 steering gears 1 x 10A electronic speed controller 5 x 5E propellers.Model JQ-5 Quantity 1 Piece(s)/pack Color Black + silver + orange Material Steel + PVC + ABS Compatible Models Fixed wing R/C aircraft Application Replace your damaged broken or worn out accessories Packing List 1 x A2204-14T 1400KV motor 3 x 2

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www.WorkshopManuals.co.uk Section K Engine Section K Contents Page No. A Yoke connection to propshaft B Pinion C Crownwheel D Differential unit Drive shaft Universal coupling G Reduction gear hub H Steer swivel trunnion bearings Axle pivot K Oil fill and drain plugs. Position the machine on a firm, level surface before raising one end. Before working under raised loader arms, fit the loader arm safety strut. ! WARNING ! WARNING Do not use a machine with a faulty parking brake. Do not attempt to do this procedure unless you are skilled and competent to do so. If necessary remove burrs with a fine grade abrasion paper and oil. Ensure that the correct quantity and grade of oil is used and that there are no obvious leaks. GC Solenoid Connector Gearbox Solenoid Gearbox Column Switch FL E.C.U. Note: If the pinion is not free to rotate check the correct size Meshing. The basic circuit shows a standard machine. Check if solenoid operating, replace with system switched OFF. Unscrew capscrews and remove solenoid control valve. Lubricate all parts with hydraulic fluid. Locate the pump over the input shaft aligning the bolt holes. Keep the battery away applications should not need topping up. Then install the crownwheel /differential assembly into the drive head. Do not weld cast Make sure there is good ventilation in closed areas where iron. The disc is fitted to the pinion instead of a yoke. Unless it is safely At a later stage the gearbox and engine assembly is supported during removal and replacement it could fall and tilted to allow access to fixing bolts. Before removing and dismantling the pump, check flow and pressure. Lower the attachments to the ground and stop the engine. Do not operate The machine is fitted with a Roll Over Protection Structure a machine which is defective or has missing parts. Make sure that the area is clear of other people before lowering the load. Make sure all pivot pins are correctly in place and secured by their locking devices. Parking Brake - Testing If you have any queries concerning this test procedure or SAFETY NOTICE: Ensure all routine health and safety parking brake adjustment, consult your local JCB distributor.

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. Note: The coupling bolt G must engage with the cut-out in the shaft. If the fluid in the tube appears cloudy, then water or air has entered the system. The two directions of flow following pages illustrate and give a brief description for some of the more common symbols used. Apply Fine jets of hydraulic fluid at high pressure can penetrate the parking brake, put the transmission in neutral and the skin. the refrigerant charge level Leak Testing can be determined by checking the state of refrigerant at the receiver drier sight glass. www.WorkshopManuals.co.uk Section A Attachments Section A Contents Page No. Flow Regulator Valve Lubricate parts with JCB Hydraulic Fluid before Removal assembling. These must be locally manufactured so that the gearbox can be supported as shown at A. Other symptoms: Sight Glass - Bubbles continuously visible. Long Knife - used to give extended reach for normally Braided Cutting Wire - consumable heavy duty cut-out inaccessible areas. While the spools are in neutral position, the primary shuttles and secondary shuttles are vented to tank. The signal word meanings are given below. Disconnect the battery, to prevent the engine being Note: All hydraulic adaptors that are installed together with a started while you are beneath the machine. There is another JCB Precision Control system fitted to later machines, which is described in a separate section. Clean the strainer with a suitable solvent. The charts are designed to identify possible causes by performing checks and where applicable, specific tests on the gearbox. Shovel spool Arms lift spool It is a stack type, directional control valve that is configured. ! CAUTION Lower the backhoe and loader end to the ground and stop the engine. This reduces the pressure differential across the spool, causing it to move to the right under spring force. REAR previously made or, in the case of a shaft being renewed, use the manufacturer's alignment markings. Apply a thin bead of JCB of a double section pump, follow the same procedure for Multigasket to the gearbox mounting face. If re-using synchro assembly fit the parts in their original positions. Note: When the cover is removed oil will gush out. Keep to one side when you remove the cover plate. Fit a bolt to the threaded hole in the end of the shafts. After The shovel reset system is designed to automatically tilt the adjusting tighten the lock nuts. Using two suitable open ended spanners at L and M react against each other until one ball joint unscrews. To this end wash the exterior of the gearbox assembly as follows;. If Apply JCB Activator to threads of the end caps and there is damage to the rod or piston head, replace the cylinder. - the lubricating properties of the oil will quantity and recommended type of oil. Clean and refit reduce as a result of brake wear. Discard old and worn O-rings and back-up rings. Note: If the piston ring seals are excessively worn then check for burrs or damage on the shaft grooves. Check all parts are free from adjacent page is intended as a guide to dismantling. Make sure that the hand pump is filled with JCB Hydraulic fluid.

The falling boom Upper Service Port would tend to push oil out of the ram faster than the head One Way Restrictor. The removal and replacement procedure for the left hand valve is identical. The cable operates the auxiliary control valve located adjacent to the excavator valve. ! WARNING Make the machine safe before working underneath it. Stop the Consult your JCB distributor for advice if necessary. Engage the The loader arm interlevers are potentially dangerous, parking brake and set the transmission to neutral. machine' s working environment, the airflow around the condenser matrix will become restricted due to a build up of Remove both side panels. Mark the forks to ensure they are replaced correctly. Other units can recover refrigerant as a liquid and/or gas. Replace by reversing the removal sequence. Note that the seal does not fix to the back of the housing - use servicel tool to locate the seal. Щётка стеклоочистителя гибридная Airline Awb-h-550. These valves may be fitted on rams which raise or lower the loader arms, the boom or the dipper. Gearbox Hydraulic Pump Note that new plugs may be supplied with a sealant ‘patch’, If tests have shown the pump performance to be in which case sealant need not be applied. Rear Wheels AWS MACHINES Item Size x Ply.

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. bonded sealing washer must also have JCB Threadseal applied to the threads of the adapter.

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. Gasketing for all sizes of flange where the strength of the joint is important. Disconnect the battery, to prevent the engine being When refitting the suction hose G make sure it is correctly started while you are beneath the machine. Do not use excessive force when fitting the casing. For an explanation of d esign and op erat e in t he sam e w ay. Make sure that the shaft bearing outer cups are correctly. Remove the cap A from the end of the disposable gas cartridge B. It is possible to remove a valve without removing the excavator valve block from the machine. Full Pressure Pressure generated from operation of a service. Independant cable operated parking brake in the drive to the rear wheels. Running the engine with air in the system could damage Lower the loader arms and backhoe to the ground, stop the fuel injection pump. These Guides can be accessed directly from within the ShiftMaster Diagnostics tool itself, via the Help menu. parking brake and set the transmission to neutral. Rectify as applicable Drain and flush oil, see Flushing the Gearbox Oil. Hydraulic servo assisted service brakes in rear axle only, operated from * separate pedals. There is no servicing permitted on this valve apart from the removing and fitting a new check valve assembly A when the seal B has been broken. If Hydraulic Fluid required, these items can be removed separately before Fine jets of hydraulic fluid at high pressure can penetrate. www.WorkshopManuals.co.uk Powershift Gearbox Chart E - Gearbox oil overheats START Clean the matrix. DLA there will be an error message displayed. Apply JCB Activator to threads of end cap and cylinder. www.WorkshopManuals.co.uk Section F Transmission Section F Contents Page No. The loader arms must be raised and locked before you remove an engine side panel. Note that the procedure shows the right hand joystick. Each harness drawing includes tables showing wire connections and destinations for all the connectors on the harness. The Park brake switch numbers show which contacts are ‘live’. The input shaft assembly has some small differences. Charge the accumulator, refer to Service Procedures, Release all hydraulic pressure in the accumulator by Smooth Ride System - Charging/ Discharging the. Unscrew the ball joint L until an open ended spanner can be fitted on the rod N. Gear shift ing and d irec t ion Forward/input clutch assembly selection are controlled using multi-disc clutch Reverse clutch assembly packs. Park the machine on firm level ground, engage the parking brake and set the transmission to neutral. Check oil cooler and grille for blockage. Apply JCB High Strength Gasketing to the mating face in their grooves. The threads intended as a guide to dismantling. Note that some gearboxes are fitted with a ball instead of a poppet. Consult your JCB distributor for advice about the use of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester fuels, as improper application may Density impair engine performance. † System shown is for JCB plus pattern and JCB diagonal pattern. Use JCB Threadlocker & Sealer on the trackrod link arms


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