64mm Duct Fan + 4500KV Brushless Motor

64mm Duct Fan + 4500KV Brushless Motor
64mm Duct Fan + 4500KV Brushless Motor

Can be used for most RC jet EDF model - Can work as well as original parts

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Modify settings by interlock setting only if faulty images occur. Remove the screw and then remove the MP tray developing fan cover. Purpose To check the use of the DP and optional document finisher. Purpose Used when the image fogging occurs because the scanning position is not proper when the document proces- sor is used. And then unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Clean or replace the paper feed pulley and forwarding pulley, and refit the pulleys to the paper feed pulley unit. REPLACE ONLY WITH THE SAME OR EQUIVALENT TYPE RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. paper feed section is Check if the MP paper feed Check visually and replace any deformed pulleys. Remove the screw from the lower rear cover of the machine. Remove the round terminals of the scanner Round terminals wire in the scanner unit left side from the scanner wire spring. Clean the wire or, if it is extremely dirty, replace it. Remove the tapes, pins, spacers and sheet. Supplement While this maintenance item is being executed, copying from an original is available in the interrupt copying mode. Remove the stop ring and two bushes MP paper from the MP paper feed pulley unit and pull feed pulley out the MP paper feed pulley shaft. Raise the laser scanner unit and release two inserted parts. Remove seven springs from the separation claws and then pull out the separation claws shaft from the eject guide. Remove the connector of the image forma- tion unit left. Completion Press the stop/clear key at the screen for adjustment. Purpose To check the toner level in the developing unit and toner container. Change the setting value using the cursor up/down keys. * When attaching the laser scanner unit, check that two projections of the unit are inserted to the holes of inside the machine. Purpose To check the current setting of the maintenance items, or the occurrences of paper jams and service calls. Remove the connector and band inside the scanner unit. Detects the quantity of toner in a toner container. Hold the drum at the ends and never touch the drum surface. Broken cooling fan motor Check for continuity across the coil. Purpose To check the cleaning operation for the main charger. The paper is then conveyed to the feedshift and eject section. A paper jam in the entry roller is dirty with optional document paper powder. Purpose To check the operation of the switches for paper conveying. Tap the top of the toner container at least ten times. * When replacing the paper feed pulley, make sure that the one-way clutch of both the pul- ley and the gear is placed toward the rear side of the machine. Poor contact in the expo- Reinsert the connector. CAUTION DANGER OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS INCORRECTLY REPLACED. Purpose To increase or decrease the image density in the eco-print mode. Car Push Button Switch with Red LED Indicator (DC 12V). By repeatedly turning the laser on and off, the laser scanner unit forms a latent image on the drum surface. Remove the screw and then remove the main charger grid. Purpose To check the operation of each solenoid. Remove the machine cover and pull out the handles on machine left and right. Position the finisher and machine so the long pin of the connect- ing plate aligns with the back hole of the finisher, and the two short pins align with the holes of the connecting rail. Focusing on the locating ball of the wire drum, move aside the wires to inside. Guides Clean Every service Clean with alcohol or a dry cloth. Purpose To set how the image density is altered by a change of one step in the manual density adjustment for respec- tive image quality modes. The driving motor will start operation, and the selected clutch or the solenoid will remain ON until the interrupt key is pressed again. Also to clear the counts after replacing consum- able parts. Remove each screw of fuser heater M, S Fuser heater L and L. leading edges of the original and copy image when the DP is used. Remove two screws and pull out the image formation unit. Precautions Use the specified tungsten wire for the PTC wire. Raise the release handle to open the inter- mediate tray and then remove the four tapes. Remove the screw and then remove the rear transfer guide. Cut out the hole covers at two locations on the machine. Держатель визиток и бумаг Carpin GT-38398. Purpose Used when the entire image appears too dark or light. Poor contact in the origi- Reinsert the connector. Broken developing fan Check for continuity across the coil. According to need, attach the correspond language of operation unit label, MP label, DP labels and main power switch label. Purpose To adjust the sensitiveness of the sensor and size judgement time if the original size detection sensor mal- functions frequently due to incident light or the like. Purpose Enables cancellation of cassette disconnection by user. Safety precautions This booklet provides safety warnings and precautions for our service personnel to ensure the safety of their customers, their machines as well as themselves during maintenance activities. Remove the bush and stop ring from the separation pulley unit, and then remove the separation pulley. remain the same when the front/rear stapler home position sensor optional document is turned on and off, replace the front/rear stapler driver. are dirty with paper powder: paper feed pul- ley, forwarding pulley, separation pulley, MP paper feed pulley, MP forwarding pulley and MP separation pulley. connector termi- the engine PWB and the hard disk, and the nals. Purpose Used when replacing the main PWB. Purpose To clear data as required at times such as during maintenance service. Purpose To be set when installing a different punch unit from the destination of the machine. Poor contact in the Reinsert the connector. istration motor does motor connector termi- not operate. Check if there is any foreign matter on the front and rear scanner rails. Also check for continuity within the con- The toner motor does motor connector termi- nector cable. In this copier management mode, settings such as default settings can be changed. Exposure mode changes the default for how the copier This setting is displayed only if Printer Job Accounting adjust how dark or light copying is made. Controls the light source of built-in CIS. Remove the tape from the transfer section. Change the value using the cursor up/down keys.

Dynam Twin 64mm EDF Jet at Moon Port 10-28-2014

. Also resets the count value after replacing the mainte- nance parts. Replace the separation claws and attach the claws to the eject guide. Remove the stop ring and slide the joint in Stop ring the direction of the arrow. DP feed belts are dirty with paper powder. Slide in the hard disk along the rails, and then secure it with the two pins. Remove the original feed belt unit from the inserted parts of the original feed pulley unit. Purpose To rotate the fan motor for certain period of time to prevent rise in temperature inside the machine in sleep mode. Also check for continuity within the connector high voltage PWB make poor contact. When the difference between the number of copies of the maintenance cycle and that of the maintenance count reaches the set value, the message is displayed. Remove two screws of hinge retainer at the rear side of the left hinge. Replace the transfer belt and attach the belt to the transfer unit. Aligning the bottom of the sponge with the bottom of the top cover, affix the sponge in the center of the cover. The drum is electrically charged uniformly by means of a grid to form a latent image on the surface. The selected item is displayed in reverse. Remove the stop ring and then remove the DP separation roller DP separation roller. Run paper through the machine and check if it is still curled upward. Connect the power cord to the inlet on lower left of the machine. Remove the connector and then remove the MP tray. • Do not pull on the AC power cord or connector wires on high-voltage components when removing them; always hold the plug itself. With the single component developing system, toner is electrically charged by friction with the developing sleeve and + charged when it passes through the magnetic doctor blade. Eject pulleys Clean Every service Clean with alcohol or a dry cloth. Remove nineteen tapes, DP spacer and DP sheet. Rotate the upper lever by one mark in the direction of the higher numbers. Check if the DP forwarding pulley is Check visually and replace any deformed deformed. Remove two screws and then remove the front drum flange from the drum.

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. After sliding the transfer unit to end and pull- ing out the front shaft from the frame, pull Transfer unit out the rear coupling from the hole of the frame as shown in the figure, and remove the transfer unit from the paper conveying unit. Select Separate setting at the screen for selecting an item. Purpose To check the time to replace consumable parts. If the display shows the message requesting toner replenishment, replace the toner container. Purpose To check operation of all the keys and LEDs on the operation panel. Remove the four blue screws locking each of the two separate retainers to the intermediate tray and detach both retainers. Remove the screw and then remove the metal fitting from the eject section. If none, • Lower limit detection switch does not tion switch connec- repair or replace the cable. finisher is indicated The intermediate tray paper Check and, if it is deformed or worn, fix or replace it.

Breaks the safety circuit when the document processor is opened; resets original misfeed detection. Replace the exit switch if indication of the correspond- fuser section is indi- ing sensor on the touch panel is not displayed in reverse. The Creates new accounts by entering an account ID code total copy count can be reset as necessary. Operates up/down of the MP forwarding pulley. Remove two screws and then remove the lower cleaning roller unit from the fuser unit.


. Release the hook of the paper feed pulley unit and push down the unit in the direction of the arrow. The connector terminals of the transfer Reinsert the connector. Remove the stop ring, pulley and DP origi- nal feed pulley, and then remove the original feed belt shaft from the original feed belt unit. Purpose To check the period of replacement of solenoid. Refit he MP separation pulley unit to the lower MP unit. Install the sub tray by inserting it from above into the hole on the finisher. Кардан шарнирный Berger Bg2020. Remove the stop ring and slide the joint in the direction of the arrow


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