90mm Rubber Tyre Set for 1/10 RC On-Road Car - Black + White (2 PCS)

90mm Rubber Tyre Set for 1/10 RC On-Road Car - Black + White (2 PCS)
90mm Rubber Tyre Set for 1/10 RC On-Road Car - Black + White (2 PCS)

4g Packing List 2 x Tyres.Brand N/A Quantity 2 Piece(s)/pack Color Black + White Material Rubber + plastic Compatible Models 1/10 RC On-Road Car Application Run Other Feature Diameter: 90mm; Width: 39mm; Weight: 149

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These were missing on all of our repaired tyres. We measured the tread depth of our sample tyres and compared them to the price paid to calculate a pence-per-millimetre tread figure. Surprisingly, in more than half the sizes we examined, it was better value to buy brand new tyres.This rang true for one self-confessed part-worn tyre buyer. They have loads of tread and could fool you into thinking they’re a bargain. Unlike the rest of Europe, the UK has strict rules on the conditions of sale of part-worn tyres. It will want to know how many site visits and how much mystery shopping are planned.”Taking a gamble on a part-worn tyre is a risk that doesn’t necessarily pay off, either. But age and family status were clearly no bar to selling dangerous, illegal tyres. Гибкий магнитный подъемник 520мм haupa 100694. Part-worns must also be ink stamped ‘part worn’ on the sidewall to show the tyre has been checked and meets all of these legal requirements. Шланг Aist 909165100-10. Second-hand clothes ooze retro charm, but part-worn tyres don’t. If the protective layer of waterproof rubber is compromised, this metal will be exposed, rust and perish from the inside. “No doubt about it.”Our sample also included illegal, unplugged punctures, patched on the inside. We sourced half of our sample from such sellers, but eBay refused to comment when we approached it.The Office of Fair Trading couldn’t help, either, even though consumer protection is one of its remits. “These didn’t hold their pressure,” he said. “You need the tyre to be removed from its rim to inspect it,” he warned.


. “That’s where the safety hazards lie hidden.” Ted carried out his inspection using the same safety checklist that retailers are meant to use before selling these tyres. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. It turned out paint on the rim had stopped the tyre from sealing properly. “There’s steel wire running through,” he said. “The tread was uneven; one showed heavy wear in the centre and the other was worn on the outsides.

And they could be pretty certain the seller had not adhered to UK regulations – even though part-worn tyre outlets reassure their customers to the contrary. They also litter big-name auction sites, like eBay.So you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that part-worn tyres must be safe to buy and fit to your family car. It suggested we contact Trading Standards, which is responsible for policing these dubious sales practices at a local authority level. The legislation is being reviewed and tightened in preparation for this, too.TIF chief Graham Wilson told us this would be a wake-up call to rogue traders.

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. A clean solved this, but Colin is still disillusioned by part-worns.“My Vauxhall Astra Coupe has always had new tyres. “The DfT will want the agency it appoints to commit to a certain level of enforcement


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