DIY Replacement Front Camera Lens for Ipod Touch 4 - Black

DIY Replacement Front Camera Lens for Ipod Touch 4 - Black
DIY Replacement Front Camera Lens for Ipod Touch 4 - Black

Quantity 1 Piece Color Black Material FPC Compatible Models Ipod Touch 4 Suitable for Internal Parts Replacement Features Replaces the damaged one Packing List 1 x Front camera lens for Ipod Touch 4

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If the bottle stretches a little that is okay. Don't let the hose touch the ground because it will collect dirt. Here is a link where you can get Redline MTL. *Note on leveling If you know the capacity you should be fine with the front end on jack stands. Always loosen or remove the fill hole first to make sure that you can refill the transmission after draining. I put my gloved hands around the bottle cap and nozzle to prevent any fluid from hitting me in case the bottle cap blows off. Merdia CFM001COOUS4 Decorative 3D PVC Carbon Fiber Film Car Wrap Sticker - Black (63 x 200cm). Now press the compressed air nozzle into the hole in the top of the bottle marked with the green arrow in the picture above. Then sprinkle kitty litter or driveway spill absorber and step on it to grind it into the stain. I did this so that I could use the same hose for both manual and automatic transmissions and to minimize dripping at the end of the hose. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go.

You can use a gravity pump or siphon, where the bottle is higher than the fill hole and connected with a hose. Below is a picture of the yellow tube going into the fill hole, sorry that it isn't that great but it's not terribly interesting and if you got this far you know where the fill hole is. If the pressure is way too high, the bottle could pop, so start low and then increase the pressure if the fluid isn't moving fast enough.

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. Now stick the hose into the cap, making sure the hose goes all the way to the bottom. If you can't breathe through the hose, it's too thin. Your gear oil should be regularly changed. Being paranoid, I lowered the car with the fill plug still out and a catch basin beneath. Redline MTL is slightly thinner than some OEM VW gear oils which helps it shift better in cold climates. When you go to the next bottle, just poke another air intake hole in the next bottle and transfer the cap. I feel that this also wastes the least fluid. I have tried a few different gear oils including the OEM VW synthetic and found that I prefer Redline MTL since it's slightly thinner and makes shifting easier, especially in the winter. Warning! Do this step last because you may accidentally press the trigger on the compressed air nozzle before the hose is in the fill hole. After you're done, hang the hose with a paper towel or two on the end and let it drip dry. It's not possible to use a funnel on many cars so I originally made this for my Audi and on other cars. The easiest method on the TDI is to use a funnel and hose, and snake it into the transmission fill hole from above. Note that the car be level, otherwise the fluid level will not be accurate. Obviously the air input hose has to be above the fluid level or else it will leak out. Put a catch pan under the drain plug, remove the plug, and let drain. If you spilled some gear oil during this procedure, wipe it up with paper towels.

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. As always, wear protective safety goggles. You can also use a hand pump designed to force fluid out of a container. Make sure that the hose goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle otherwise you will get just foam instead of fluid. If this happens, your expensive fluid is now all over the ground. From thickest to thinnest, here is a list of gear oil viscosity at average working temperatures. Apply gradually increasing amounts of pressure until the fluid is gone.

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. Too much foam will fool you into thinking there is more fluid than is actually in the transmission. You can also use a large piece of cardboard to act like a placemat to avoid small stains from leaks. If your car is lowered or you want an extra level of protection for the aluminum oil pan you can add a metal skid plate. To use the compressed air method of adding fluid, take a compressed air tank and regulate the pressure down to a reasonable amount, just enough to get the fluid flowing. Remove the plastic splash shield under the engine. Also make sure the hose has a large enough inside diameter because thin hoses will transfer fluid at a snail's pace. When putting the fill and drain plugs back, you can wrap the threads once or twice with teflon tape to help ensure no leaks. If you have a choice, use the synthetic oil. It's the same basic transmission except the power steering line is routed differently.Refilling the manual transmission gear oilClean the drain plug and put it back. Use a short length of hose, just longer than what is needed to go from the bottom corner of the bottle to the transmission fill hole. If this happens, let it settle down and overfill it slightly. If you think it's going to pop, stop applying pressure. After it sits and absorbs the oil, sweep up the gravel/dust.

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. Clean the area around the fill and drain holes or else dirt can get into the transmission fill hole. There are a few ways to get the fluid back in. If it gets dirty just thoroughly wipe it off


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