E-type Circlip Pliers + Screwdriver Maintenance Tool Kit for Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Black + Orange

E-type Circlip Pliers + Screwdriver Maintenance Tool Kit for Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Black + Orange
E-type Circlip Pliers + Screwdriver Maintenance Tool Kit for Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Black + Orange

5mm Torx screwdriver for the 1.E-type snap ring pliers can easy disassembly blades and gear - 1.5mm hex screw and the other end is 3mm Phillips screwdriver

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Replace the two half-moon parts: Screwdriver impression and shaft pin should be aligned respectively with the marks. First install the end of wheel universal joint on the steering and then install the universal joint on the end of differential. When the jumper cable is applied, carefully handle the assistant battery and the discharged battery. Chery QQ Service Manual Removal of backrest Draw back the buckle on rear seat, move seat cushion frontward from the rear. Inspection of power rearview mirror Power rearview mirror can only be operated in one direction For example, the power rearview mirror can only turn left or turn up, defective switch can be. If they fail to be in the specified limits, check to see if there are any deformed parts. Notice: The rear oil seal of the crankshaft is nonreusable. Spread the airbag only in the reserved spreading area. Chery QQ Service Manual Transmission System Adjustment and Re-installation: After disassembling, check if there is any distortion and make a record. Remove the launching wire of the antenna. It gets power supply from the secondary cell, and receives opening and closing signal from the door lock device of the front left door to control the direction of the central door lock device. Please refer to “Spreading Airbag” part of this manual;. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System “ ” Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. For central door lock control of antitheft computer, refer to of “Central Door Lock Maintenance”. Chery QQ Service Manual your eyes and skin. LML-1518 18W 1260-1350lm 6-LED 6000K 60 Degree Flood Beam Car LED Light - Black (DC10-30V). Removal: Disconnect related connections It is necessary to lower the transmission to remove electromagnetic valves. As shown in the figure above, check each circuit terminal, with the result as tabulated below. There is one supporting frame on either side. Clearance adjustment clearance between left side and right side Loosen fixing nuts to readjust sun-roof to correct position When assembling, the sequence is the reverse procedure of removal. Press the spring till it is separated from the upper and lower spring stands. In order to keep lubricate smoothly, blow the oil away, be sure there is not any backup in the oil way. Put steering wheel forward and lock steering, remove steering shaft. Major parts of the air-conditioning and refrigerant flow chart. Do not let the hydraulic pipeline open; do not use any high-pressure cleaner for cleaning. Before leaving the car, push down the locking rod down and close the door to lock it. Remove the plug connected to signal reception lines to remove the antenna. High-low pressure protection switch The high-low pressure protection switch is used for control. If the used spring needs to be replaced, loosen the spring and then take the used spring out from the spring compressor. Holding Notice: The end of wheel universal joint Installation Installation of propeller shaft. The excessively effusion of electrolyte is the obvious indication of being overcharged. While ignition switch ●Something wrong with indicator Check cluster switched on and the engine is lamp in the cluster gauge. Removal and installation of high-mounted stop lamp. Chery QQ Service Manual Charging System and restrains the radio noise. Boot hoop Move the boot to the middle position and take out the shaft from the bell-mouthed. Ensure that no other materials are on the carrier before the battery is installed. The installation sequence is in the reverse direction of the dismantle sequence. When the central door lock completes the glass elevator resumes the previous task. Improper maintenance will cause the incidental inflation of airbag and serious consequential accidents. Разветвитель Skyway S02301016. Small lamp, headlight switch OFF – close vehicle outside lamp gear - lighten parking lamp/sidelights, illuminating lamp of instrument and switch, license plate lamp. Before this test, the discharged batte ry must be fully charged. Note: Heating the frame on the driving end may facilitate disassembling stator. Before maintaining the entire automated. Disconnect the battery ground; remove the battery and the bracket. Chery QQ Service Manual Loosen the harness connector of the mirror from the door inner panel; take out the rearview mirror assembly.

When the display shows TAPE and “◄” or “►”, the device is in normal play status. Put in a proper manner according to positive and negative marks.

spring washers, spring dowel pins …

. At the same time, the turn signal indicator light of corresponding direction on the instrument panel will flash simultaneously. It will be better of disassembling with special tool. Standard value Refers to the maximum or minimum value that should not be exceeded during Limit inspection, maintenance and adjustment. Chery QQ Service Manual washer motors Remove nozzle Pull out the nozzle upwards to take apart with the tube When assembling, the sequence is the reverse procedure of removal. Loosen plug, pull out the A/C panel Removal of back light switch Open the switch with a small Screwdriver. Loosen two fixed bolts to take out the upper lock. Draw back the left/right bolts, move the backrest frontward. Loosen two set bolts on lower side and tremove rear bumper Remove the small bulb on rear bumper Loosen fixing screws and take down the small bulb When assembling, the sequence is the reverse procedure of removel. direction so as to damage the piston washer. Chery QQ Service Manual BCM Computer Control System Assembly: Reverse to the disassembly process. Notice: Replacing the bearing bushing with the product of the same manufacturer’s brand. Take two nuts away, draw up the rear part of the magnet switch in order to separate the inner side hook and fork, then remove magnet switch. Chery QQ Service Manual BCM Computer Control System between the wiring and the car body. Chery QQ Service Manual BCM Computer Control System IV. Chery QQ Service Manual BCM Computer Control System side of the lower evaporation box. Press the positive probe on the hot wire and move it to the negative terminal. Remote antitheft function The remote controller has two keys;. Don’t use cleaning agent or cleaning device, otherwise the surface will be damaged. Remove bolts of fixed handle with cross screwdriver. Chery QQ Service Manual Removal of front door switch Remove set bolts of front door switch with Cross screwdriver. Division and match of QQ remote controls QQ remote controls features two brands and three modules. Door lock The front doors can be locked and unlocked from outside with the key and can be locked from inside with the door handle. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Power steering service schematic diagram Steering oil pump Steering oil tank Steering oil pipe Power steering gear Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Loosen two fixed bolts to take out the lower lock. Chery QQ Service Manual Charging System The characteristics of the generator are that a solid-state regulator is installed in it, and all the elements of the regulator are packed in a sealed case. Коврики автомобильные Skyway S01702068. Disassembly, Assembly and Maintenance Disassemble or assemble the engine with roll over stand. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Abnormal Abnormal Replace Normal Abnormal Replace Normal Abnormal Fix or replace Abnormal Normal Replace Replace Fix or replace Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. With the headlight switch on, turn on the rear foglight switch, rear foglight can operate with front foglight simultaneously. And then start the engine of the car with low-battery battery. insert two bolts of license plate into sheet-metal hole, install the nut and tapping screw, adjust install position then tighten nut and tapping screw;. Install the separation sheath bearing and the positioning device. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com. Preparation for parts of air conditioner Parts should be put according to the installation order after the package box for parts is open. fixed place under conventional condition. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Section Three Rear Suspension Frame Rear Suspension service I. Headlight glitter switch If you want headlight glitter when you drive, you can pull control lever towards steering wheel to the change point, then control lever may be released. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Operate on the clean desk without mineral oil. The mark shown on the oil tank is the lowest standard. If the reading keeps unchanged, it indicates there is no leakage. Insert two ends of lever and screw with steering node. The fully discharged battery has not enough voltage to activate the whole circuit. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System III. It is used to guarantee the car’s normal running and safe driving at night or in the fog. Lift glass again and check to see if the installation is good or not. When users need to save radio stations, they can do so by pressing “ ” or “ ”. Recovery refrigerant from the refrigerating device When refrigerant is discharged from the refrigerating device at following cases, a recovery device should be used to recovery refrigerant: Before changing parts on refrigerant pipe. Remove hydraulic rod and take out luggage compartment assembly. Recovery of refrigerant Refrigerant recovery unit must be used when the refrigerant for air conditioning is discharged. Interior ceiling light switch OFF position Interior ceiling light will not illuminate. If the result is not as mentioned, replace the front left power window motor. Chery QQ Service Manual Activated Airbag”. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System II. Chery QQ Service Manual Transmission System The cable is abraded badly. Headlight low beam will be lit up when control lever is pulled back to original position. Fixing Bolt Notice: In order to eliminate the radial force of the. Use hammer or special tools to install the left bearing. When the switch on the remote control device is pressed down, the central door lock system will enter a security mode with glass window automatically closed to avoid raining, wind or theft in case the user forgets to lock the windows. Screw the clutch cable nut off, Remove the connector from the cable and dismantle the cable from the bracket. The relay is probably damaged due to frequent ignition, and therefore if so, you shall replace the relay so as to avoid damaging the new electric pump set. If the car height does not meet the specification, check the front and rear suspension systems of the car to see if there are any damages or deformations. ·Push the drive shaft universal coupling to the right position, and joggle the Drive shaft and Differential. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Steering wheel free-play inspection In the assembled mode, check the free-play of the steering wheel while the car is driving in straight line. Notice: Use special tool support right output shaft avoid bearing holding race destroy When installing the synchronizer assembly, keep the synchronizer insert and the synchronizer insert on the synchronizer assembly face to face. Chery QQ Service Manual The ECU makes the low speed relay operating after receiving the A/C switch closed signal, then the fan begins to work. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Caliper casing Caliper bracket Bolt protector Caliper casing Caliper bracket Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.


. Chery QQ Service Manual compressor does not run. Drill holes on safety bolts with electric screwdriver to pull out the bolts. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System · · · · · Check any leakage Check disc Replace disc Check manual brake Check exhaust Check valve leakage · · Check valve Abnormal Replace HECU Check booster and pedal travel Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Chery QQ Service Manual Removal of antenna Remove set bolts of antenna. spraying hole of Water vapor ices at repeatly to eliminate the expansion valve the spraying hole of. Chery QQ Service Manual Chassis System Remove the bolts fastening the vertical Removal and installation of the swinging arm and the car body. So the system must be repaired before evacuation operation continues. It is not permissible to wipe your hurted eyes, but to wash them with a large amount of clean cold water to make the temperature of your hurted parts rise to the freezing point. Chery QQ Service Manual case of insufficient spreading room and cause personal injuries or vehicle damages. remove the electric magnetic clutch lead from the wiring bundle of air conditioner. This indicates this remote control has entered into the system


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