FLYING 30A BEC Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motors (ESC)

FLYING 30A BEC Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motors (ESC)
FLYING 30A BEC Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motors (ESC)

3mm ┬╖Weight:22g(Net Weight) ┬╖Hight rate PWM ┬╖Low resistence ┬╖Sisteen cells Max (with BEC disabled) ┬╖User programmable brake ┬╖Low voltage auto setting based on battery ┬╖Throttle range self-adjusting ┬╖Soft start ramp up ┬╖Auto motor cutoff with reset ┬╖Runs motor in forward or reverse ┬╖Safe power arming program ensures motor will not run accidentally after turn on ┬╖Low torque start ┬╖Auto shut down when signal is lost. ┬╖Input Volt: 6V-12V ┬╖Constant Current: 30A ┬╖Max Current: 40A ┬╖Low-Voltage Cutoff: Auto detect and set ┬╖Size: 55*24.5*5.Manufacturers descriptions:

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. At Dimension Engineering, we put the time, money and effort into developing BECs that do not radiate. You will be able to run more and more powerful servos. It works by burning up excess voltage and turning it into heat. If you have ever suddenly lost power to your receiver in flight, then an external switching BEC may be the answer to your problems. Glow planes usually need a receiver pack, but the vast majority of electric planes out there are better off with a BEC. Try doing that with an imported product!. This takes hundreds of man hours, dozens of design revisions, expensive test equipment and extensive beta testing. You will be guaranteeing reliable power to your receiver and servos. Other guys cut costs in ways that are downright scary. Be sure to cover or clip the BEC's ESC pins so they don't electrically contact anything. An external switching BEC can help ensure your new receiver gets reliably powered. I heard that switching BECs can put out harmful radio interference, causing reduced range. For more information on the principles of a switching BEC, please visit our. In the extremely unlikely event of a problem with your BEC, we will quickly get a replacement out to you.

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. Just flick the slide switch with your finger! There are no jumpers to lose or any complicated programming procedures. Water Resistant Wide Angle Car Rearview Video Camera w/ 2-LED for Volkswagen Magotan / POLO / Passat. Пресс-масленка БЕЛАВТОКОМПЛЕКТ БАК.00085 150шт. Since the external switching BEC will work efficiently at higher voltages you will immediately notice your speed control running cooler. Адаптер (переходник) Aist 67362012. One of the great things about an external switching BEC is that it allows you to choose your voltage output. The BEC on your speed control is what engineers call a 'linear voltage regulator'. The higher the input voltage, the more heat gets produced. It is another battery you have to carry around along with another charger. Our BECs also have a throttle pass through system, which means you can use our BECs without snipping the red wire of your speed control. Compared to your main motor, your receiver and servos barely draw much power at all. As the hobby evolved, speed controls started to include Battery Eliminator Circuits to power your receiver and servos, allowing you to get rid of the extra receiver battery pack.

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FLYING 30A BEC Electronic Speed Controller for Bru

. Dimension Engineering's BECs are a different type of voltage regulator - a switching voltage regulator. Finally we have great customer support for our products. ароматизатор DR.MARCUS HARMONY ваниль. If you are confused on how to wire things up, send us an email and we will respond


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