HJ5005 KV800 Disk Brushless Outrunner Motor with Mounting for RC Quad-copter (2 PCS)

HJ5005 KV800 Disk Brushless Outrunner Motor with Mounting for RC Quad-copter (2 PCS)
HJ5005 KV800 Disk Brushless Outrunner Motor with Mounting for RC Quad-copter (2 PCS)

- Specially designed NdFeB magnets with high temperature rating for trouble-free operation.20mm stator plate id used on this motor 5010. - High temperature adhesives are used to secure the stator windings and prevent them from shifting and getting pinched or shorting out Packing List 2 x HJ5005 motors.17mm - KV(rpm/v): 800 - Battery: 2-5 Li-Po - ESC: 10A - Cable length:6. - High quality stator plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent winding shorts. - High quality shielded and permanently lubricated ball bearings are used to support the motor shaft in all our motors. - High Temperature 140 C (356 F) rated wire is used for winding the motors to minimize the risk of burning up the motor. - Rear threaded mounting holes with both 16 mm and 19mm hole spacings fit a variety of applications.5cm - Machined aluminum front housing with four fan-style cooling holes that pump air through the motor while it runs. 0.Brand HJ Model HJ5005 Quantity 2 Piece(s)/pack Color multicolor Material Magnetic materials + silicon steel sheet Compatible Models Multi - axis aircraft Application Energy conversion Other Feature Motor size: 50mm x 10mm - Shaft size: 3

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are not terminated on either end according to "Antonio" in the discussion area, so you'll be soldering those for power and motor control. That's a shaft clamp arrangement; sort of like how a drill holds a drill bit. Then when you get the rotation correct, shrink the remaining ones to finish the job. and the company I purchased them from won't respond to my emails or phone calls. Шина Kormoran Impulser b4 165/65 R14 79T. Nos équipes techniques se chargent de la résoudre. I recommend using shrink tubing when soldering the motor and ESC power leads.

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But you'd have to change the black male tips on this controller for females even if the ESCs were terminated, and with the right size. Here's another tip: Don't buy any motor you have to use a "grub nut" on. Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour la gêne causée. With the right props they'll "carry" it all. You're also going to need a battery and charger, unless you're bringing those over from the Blade. I'm still interested in hearing/seeing how you solved your prop adapters on the SunnySky motors. I bet it wouldn't be difficult to adapt the GPS, and you'd get waypoints and a lot of other functionality, including MUCH easier integration with your other parts. Since they aren't control wires, any red and any black can go to any ESC. Feel free to shrink the black and red joins as soon as you're done -- you won't need to open those connections. People who do it usually do it to resolve space or balance issues. Toutes nos excuses Une erreur de système interne a été décelée. Rest assured, we're already working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly. You may be able to find it on YouTube, or info on servicing the "Blade" quad you got this controller from, but then you'd still have to figure out which ESC connection on the board went to which corner of the Blade. In the meantime, please note that if you were trying to make a purchase, your order has not been placed. What you want is a motor where the prop mount is screwed to the top of the outrunner body with three or four screws. If you didn't get the lock nuts, take a motor or prop adapter to the hardware store and get a few to fit the thread. This controller is supposed to be the Top of the line in controllers, and many people swear by it. The other number doesn't reference anything specific. I also sent pictues to SmallPartsCNC.com and he said that could see what I pointed out, about the three mounting holes were drilled off and agreed. And make sure you have whatever socket you need on a ratchet! You'll be removing the props often for safety and it gets tedious when using a spanner. With the low-C HobbyKing batteries, you might be better off since they save weight, and would combine their discharge in parallel. Just use those on the prop adapters that were supplied. I have finally got the QuadCopter completely built. I wanted to upload some pictures but it won't accept because they were to large. I don't know what that controller does that is special, but chances are pretty good you could re-use that GPS on a different controller. You're also going to need a battery and charger, unless you're bringing those over from the Blade.Click to expand. Now, which motors the controller expects to turn clockwise is going to be a puzzle and it matters because the controller will expect to throttle up one opposing pair to yaw left, and the other to yaw right. It's a good idea to include links to what you're looking at. You want the shaft itself to be irrelevant as that eliminates a major component of imbalance. Usually they are somewhat color coded, but the ones you chose seem to be all blue., so just solder them to the three motor wires and if any motor doesn't spin the direction it's supposed to, you reverse any two wires leading to that motor. But only reduce the tubing on one wire on each ESC/motor and leave the other two expanded but maybe held in place with electrical tape so you can easily swap them. Normally, a controller that is pre-configured for an 'X'-copter is expecting the opposing motors to spin the same direction, so you have one CW and one CCW in front, and in back, but reversed in back. I haven't got it in flight yet, the user manual is so dam confusing to understand, it was compiled by a Chinese to English and trying to understand what he is saying to get it to fly using the Android phone is next to impossible.

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. I can't seem to get any info about the three wires and what their signals are coming off the controller board. The Wtotoy Frame is all Carbon Fiber, that is why it so expensive


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