Household Car Dirt Cleaning Wash Brush

Household Car Dirt Cleaning Wash Brush
Household Car Dirt Cleaning Wash Brush

The cleaning cloth can be detached and clean repeatedly; Durable PVC handle; Great to clean dust for car or home

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Cannot say enough good things about this product. You will not be sorry if you buy this broom. Great for getting animal hair off of furniture too. The side that clears up liquids is very useful. It is so efficient, gets every last bit of dirt. I had a similar one and it was on its way out. This broom is great for sweeping up their hair and scrubbing dog kennels. It is the very best broom to use when you have animals especially dogs. We are getting ready to have to replace one of the brooms due to the broom part getting cracked where it goes into the handle itself. I take the pole off to use the broom end to remove hairs from the furniture and cat tower. It still works great except sometimes it pops off and i have to slide it back on. They will receive them as gifts for Christmas and if they don’t love them, I will be surprised. I bought her one of these brooms and she loves it. I have used it with the handle to remove the gaits from the rug, gather them together on the floor, clean the dust off the ceiling fan and ceiling and walls. It is the coolest thing ever!! It actually makes "sweeping" fun.

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. I highly recommend expecially if you have furry critters around. It seems as though I find strands of my hair in every room in the house, and they are almost impossible to successfully sweep up with a regular broom. it is by far the best broom I have ever used. I love the fact that I got it so much cheaper than other places. For example, raking pine needles off the roof. Also great for sweeping the stairs in the pool. Great for the expensive carpets you shouldn't vacuum. I highly recommend buying one of these if you have dogs. In the house, it picks up pet hair beautifully. I also love the fact its rubber bristles are washable and effective. I had never heard of a RUBBER broom before and I am so delighted with it. I think I'll try the rubber rake soon for all the yard clean up I have to do. Wrap a wet cloth around it to wash hardwood floors, windows or the high tile in the bathroom. I guess "" is not meant to imply that products have actually been tested. After vacuuming the day it came I went over the carpeting with it and got huge wads of hair.Now I use it every other day and still get hair but not the huge mess like before. It picks the hair right up! Such a difference from the store brand brooms you would usually buy.

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. It is overall a great and useful product. I was very satisfied with this product, Did what it claimed. I was so pleased to find this web site Now I am planning to buy one for each of my sisters and brother. Often get comments from neighbors when cleaning up. Would definitely, recommend it to my friends and family.

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. My friend recently got a border collie and was complaining about all of the hair in the house. The adjustable handle works for me because I’m short. This broom works like magic! We have used it not only on our linoleum and wood floors, but on area rugs. They work amazing if you have hardwood floors or tile. Have one for indoor use and replacement is used outside. These work great especially if you want to keep the dust down when sweeping. It is perfect for "dust bunnies" as well. Really is the only broom you will ever need or want. Keeps all the dirt and puppy hair in the broom so it doesn't spread as I am sweeping.

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. Exactly the same product I've bought from pet grooming supply stores, at a much cheaper price. It’s amazing how it sweeps up every bit of dust and dog hair from my ceramic tiled floors.

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