IMAXRC B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger for RC Toy 2S/ 3S Battery Pack - Black

IMAXRC B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger for RC Toy 2S/ 3S Battery Pack - Black
IMAXRC B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger for RC Toy 2S/ 3S Battery Pack - Black

Brand: IMAXRC - Model: B3 Pro - Color: Black - Material: Plastic housing - Compatible Model: Universal - Battery Type: Li-ion polymer - Input Voltage: 110~240V - Max. Charging Current: 3 x 700mA - Compact and light can charge 2s or 3s of battery pack - Package includes: - 1 x Compact charger - 1 x 2-Round-Pin plug power adapter (110cm)

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I know it was cheap but I thought it would last longer than that. Ключ гаечный ZIPOWER PM 4164 7мм. Not much luck I was disappointed with this product. Balances the cells automatically, which you can verify if you have the voltage checker in the FT Crafty Kit. Don't Waste Your Money I bought this thinking it would be a reliable charger. Complete garbage! Don't waste your money, this charger is complete garbage! One out of three cells is charging. Вороток Aist 79321210.

Review of a lipo 3s charger - b3 pro compact charger


BephaMart WSX-S04 Remote Controll Lipo Battery.

. Набор шпильковертов 6-12мм force 5042. Will be getting one that discharges too though. so far I have killed two of them , you can plug the battery in up side down , and it smokes the charger. Paying with OXXO Note: OXXO is only available for orders that are shipping to an address located in Mexico. It doesn't seem to take long to charge either. Hesistant at first, but it does what it is supposed to do! Perfect for the beginner.

Needless to say that this causes all kinds of issues with LiPo batteries. Ensure you have selected or entered the correct delivery address. Mind you I was able to get a couple full charges but after about a week it just stopped working. We will not ship your order until when the transaction has been completed. After the transaction has been confirmed, the status of your order will be updated from "Payment preparing" to "Packaging". Its my bad , maybe I have learned Seems good to me! Lotta reviews saying this charger is unreliable, but so far mine is working just fine. I am sending this back for a full refund. Please ensure you follow all the instructions contained in the message. We will send a confirmation code to your mobile phone to verify that your contact details are correct. You really need to take this crap off your store. You can always use it as a car charger with a power inverter or a small travel charger


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