KTM Silicone Car Surface Water Wiper Scraper Tool - Blue + White

KTM Silicone Car Surface Water Wiper Scraper Tool - Blue + White
KTM Silicone Car Surface Water Wiper Scraper Tool - Blue + White

Brand KTM Quantity 1 piece(s) Type Others Material ABS engineering plastic + high quality silicone Color Blue + white Function Easily wipe the water on the car surface or car window; Convenient to use; Soft silicone materials will NOT destroy your car paint.3cm (width); Packing List 1 x Wiper scraper.8cm (width); Scraper tape size: 28cm (length) x 3. Other Features Handle size: 25cm (length) x 3

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» If the chain is very dirty: – Clean the chain. TROUBLESHOOTING Faults Possible cause Action – Engine has no idle Ignition system defective Check the spark plug connector. – If the vehicle became submerged, an authorized KTM workshop must perform a thor- ough check and comprehensive service. – Check the rear sprocket and engine sprocket for wear. – Spray very dirty areas with a normal motorcycle cleaner and then clean with a brush. Condition The engine is at operating temperature. • • Create a service entry in the KTM DEALER.NET and in the service record. Find such categories as "All Parts & Accessories," "Cars & Trucks," and "Automotive Tools & Supplies" along the left-hand side of your screen. – Position the front shock absorber with the reservoir toward the rear. Info A frame that has been damaged due to a mechanical impact must always be changed. RIDING INSTRUCTIONS Warning Danger of poisoning Fuel is poisonous and a health hazard. Pay particular attention to wheels and wheelarchesWheels and wheel arches where most of the dirt and grime builds up, so it is often best to start with a jet wash here. Emergency OFF switch with rip cord Check the wiring harness. – Check the stator winding of the alternator. The construction and friction factor of the brake linings and therefore the brake power can differ considerably from the original KTM brake lin- ings. PREPARING FOR USE Running in the engine – During the running-in phase, do not exceed the specified engine speed and engine performance. – Move the handlebar to the straight-ahead position.

Dispose of a defective battery in an environmentally compatible manner. Before changing the spring preload, make a note of the present setting, e.g., by measuring the length of the spring. You are now the owner of a state-of-the-art sports ATV that will give you enormous DEAR KTM CUSTOMER pleasure if you service and maintain it accordingly. If fuel gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact a doctor. If they are missing, you or others may not recognize potential hazards and may therefore be injured. SERIAL NUMBERS Setting number, front shock absorber The setting number is stamped into the top of the shock absorber. There are many professionals that offer cleaning services that last for hours, but this can easily be replicated at home, if you’ve got the right gear and a few hours to spare. Use a clay barWhile the car might look smooth, if you run your hand along the bodywork, you’ll feel bumpy parts where carbon deposits and other grime have bonded to the paintwork. Info Water in the float chamber results in malfunctioning. RIDING INSTRUCTIONS – After coming to a stop on a slope with your vehicle, dismount from the vehicle and turn – Switch off the engine and activate the parking brake. You could also search based on your vehicle profile if you have created one. – Detach the radiator spoiler and remove it. – Do not discard batteries with the household trash. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE CHASSIS – Position the A-arm with bushings. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE CHASSIS – Remove screws – Raise the front trim and disconnect the plug-in connectors from the head light and the emergency OFF switch with the rip cord. TROUBLESHOOTING Faults Possible cause Action – Engine turns but does not start. KTM recommends Castrol and Motorex products. Other tires could have a negative effect on vehicle handling. Don’t use silicone-based sprays inside the carWhile silicone-based sprays can be handy to dress cables under the bonnet, don’t use them in the cabin. Info If the engine is warm, the choke function must be deactivated. TABLE OF CONTENTS Rear shock absorber - adjusting the compression damping. This gives a richer fuel-air mixture, which is needed for a cold start. Repair of the frame is not authorized by KTM.

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. Locking pawl moves into its basic position, parking brake is deactivated. At the same time, use your other hand to press on the carburetor connection boot to kink it at that location.

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. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE CHASSIS – Check the chain sliding piece for wear.

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. • • Check the oil pumps and lubrication system. The electric starter does not turn over when the electric starter button is pressed. “One for cleaning, the other for buffing.” We spray glass cleaner on one cloth and gently wipe the screen. Chain wear is not always even, so you should repeat this measurement at differ- ent chain positions. Caution Danger of accidents Disassembly of pressurized parts can lead to injury. This can have a large impact on vehicle handling. You can also find similar categories for other types of vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs, boats, commercial trucks, and more. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE CHASSIS – Check the chain sliding guard at the top for wear. If fuel is swallowed, contact a doc- tor immediately. RIDING INSTRUCTIONS – Park the vehicle on a surface that is as level as possible and activate the parking brake. – Coolant level must be between MIN and MAX. Specify a product, brand, or keyword: Type in the closest fit to what you need, such as anti-lock braking systems, pads, struts, wiper blades, or any auto parts category. You will then be seen earlier by other motorists. Clean the glass inside and outGetting that extra shine requires extra effort. and there is old fuel in the float cham- p.

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. COOLING SYSTEM – Remove the radiator cap. This inventory isn't limited to just cars and pickups. TROUBLESHOOTING Faults Possible cause Action – Engine has a lack of power Air filter excessively dirty Clean the air filter and air filter box. USA License Plate Frame 3-Sensor Car Parking Sensor Kit - Black (10~24V). » If the lower edge of the chain pins is in line with or below the chain sliding piece: – Change the chain sliding piece. – Pull the hand brake lever and release it again. Choose the model year: Different model years have different size, style, and fitment requirements for their components and accessories. CLEANING, CARE – First remove coarse dirt particles with a gentle spray of water. TUNING THE CHASSIS – Remove the four screws. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Info Various information and warning labels are affixed to the vehicle. Do not remove information/warning labels. One with washing solution and the other just filled with water for rinsing. Info Chain wear is not always even, so you should repeat this measurement at differ- ent chain positions. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE ENGINE – Disconnect the ground cable from the engine. TUNING THE ENGINE Info If there is a large increase in the engine speed, reduce the idle speed to a nor- mal level and repeat the above steps. – Cover the vehicle with a tarp or similar cover that is permeable to air. In the interest of your own safety, have these jobs performed at an authorized KTM workshop! There, your vehicle will be serviced optimally by specially trained experts using the specialist tools required. That is why here at Auto Express we have consulted experts and collected our knowledge to produce this comprehensive list of car cleaning tips. The front brake can fail due to overheating. Remove handlebar clamps , swing the handlebar forward and set it down. Supplier ® Motorex – Chain Clean Cleaning and preserving materials for metal, rubber and plastic Guideline –. The neutral or idle position is between the first and second gears. Info Protect the vehicle and its attachments from damage by covering them. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE CHASSIS – Hook catch of the radiator spoiler into holder of the fuel tank and position it on the radiator. Look for OEM or aftermarket items based on your car's requirements or your personal preferences. TUNING THE CHASSIS – Remove the rear shock absorber. TUNING THE CHASSIS – Turn adjusting screw clockwise up to the last perceptible click. The pressure resulting from the warming of the cooling system is regulated by a valve in the radiator cap. Info You can recognize a blown fuse by its broken filament Warning Fire hazard The electrical system can be overloaded if the wrong fuses are used. The distance is measured at the height of the wheel center from rim flange to rim flange. – Loosen screw Info Do not loosen lock nut at the top of the shock absorber. The principles behind this are to cut back the paint beneath the imperfections using a rotating pad and the heat generated. – Do not allow fuel to get into the ground water, the ground, or the sewage system. Give the battery to your KTM dealer or to a recycling center that accepts used batteries. – Engine stalls or is backfiring into the Lack of fuel Turn the handle of the fuel tap to ON. little glass fiber yarn filling in main silencer –. – Turn back counterclockwise by the number of clicks corresponding to the shock absorber type. – When running the engine, always make sure there is sufficient ventilation, and do not start or run the engine in an enclosed space without an effective exhaust extraction system. This ensures that operating the vehicle at the specified coolant temperature will not result in a risk of malfunctions. Warning Danger of accidents Incorrect assessment of riding situations. Check the brake system and not continue riding. And be sure to place a grit guard in each bucket to catch the grime.”Also, use a wash mitt; they’re designed to remove the most dirt and be the most ‘friendly’ to your car’s paint. This category features body kits, lip kits, spoilers, bumpers, and other components designed to adorn the vehicle's exterior to enhance aesthetics or performance. The charge state and the type of charge are very important for the service life of the battery. After making adjustments, ride slowly at first to get the feel of the new ride behavior. If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact a doctor. MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE CHASSIS – Check the chain sliding guard at the bottom for wear. Ignition on – In this position, the ignition circuit is closed and the engine can be started. Warning Danger of accidents Reduced braking efficiency caused by spongy pressure point of front or rear brake. This heats the engine oil, the engine and the cooling system


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