Main Drive Gear Shaft Set for Walkera V100D01 Helicopter - Black

Main Drive Gear Shaft Set for Walkera V100D01 Helicopter - Black
Main Drive Gear Shaft Set for Walkera V100D01 Helicopter - Black

Color: Black - Material: Plastic - Compatible with Walkera V100D01/CB100 4#3B - Great replacement for your old damaged or lost main drive gear set - Ideal for DIY project

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The Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge is available from The drive wheel maintains a constant, even load on the case, so the case doesn’t wobble and the dial indicator gives a continuous, un-interrupted read-out. Typically you can get two-thirds of a rotation or so, but then you have to reposition your finger to complete the rotation. Ручка КПП Azard Chevrolet Niva большая. Through months of testing, the gear has been optimized to include numerous design features for optimum performance, including: Optimized gear geometry to provide proper clearance and gear mesh for high-strength applications. Heavy with E-coat finish and bolt-on rubber feet. With a gearbox and dial that is already operating fairly smoothly, it is possible to simply work a little extra grease into the parts to add to what is already there. Adjustable mechanical holds the arm up for one-handed operation. This is why I recommend that you take things apart, play with them, and look at them. There is no need to grease the index dial. Nevertheless, the dial and drive were in great condition and were worth it for the price I paid.  It really is a great site for fans of vintage radios and their restoration. You just slide the blocks to the desired position - no tools needed! The indicator stand is also held by magnets so it can slide to any position you want along the case body or bullet. This whole page is packed with very useful information on National HRO Receivers, and their restoration.  It was applied to the conical thrust bearing, the worm gear, the inside of the elliptic bearing hub, and the outside of the elliptic hub, where the micrometer dial would make contact.  I hope it shows how taken I am with them. This holds the case in position laterally during measurement. It’s picky, I know, but I was looking for an excuse to teach myself how to take it apart, lubricate, and reassemble it. I will keep an eye open for a stator from a similar unit to replace this one with the cracked insulator. Do not proceed until the micrometer dial easily slips onto the elliptic hub. Oh – and another quick plug for Radio Blvd. Conversely, the drive in which the output shaft effectively runs straight through is called the NPW. And yes, this tool can also measure bullet concentricity - measured from tip, ogive, bearing surface, and/or boatail. If it’s not centered or doesn’t look right in any way, try again. The replaceable rubber drive ring will not harm cartridges or bullets. Score! I have since found several restorers of vintage radios who use this grease, a fact which gave me extra confidence. This allows for both internal and external measurements. Here’s the partially disassembled gear drive, cleaned of all the old grease. This is what the dial will look like from the back. Precision ball bearings provide friction-free movement. What’s more, clever cartridge support design geometry pulls the case back against the rim stop as you engage the drive wheel. The breakthrough design feature is the large-diameter wheel which spins the case. The initial run of Concentricity Gauges is now in final production. The gentleman who sold it to me gave me the advice, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” but I wanted to clean and re-lubricate it, so I could be sure it was good to go for a few more decades. Moving your finger often causes the case to jiggle or move slightly, and more often than not, the dial indicator jumps a bit, interrupting your measurement. Various outlets promised to be back in stock of the individual containers in a few weeks, but I wanted my grease sooner than that. Fine-Adjustment Horizontal Indicator Stand allows very precise indicator angle/load adjustments. To learn more about setting up and using this new tool, read the Concentricity Gauge Instructions, and watch the video above. The worm gear is no longer engaged with the main split gear. Weight was reduced through FEA optimizations of the machining pattern to significantly reduce weight, while maintaining full strength of a solid-gear profile. You can rock it back and forth and feel it gently click into place.

I would simply be repeating what is written there. Here’s a rather rough sketch of the PW drive. However, I didn’t understand how it worked until I opened this gear box up and saw how it all fitted together for myself. This is what it looked like before reassembly – The fully serviced dial and gearbox operate very smoothly, and should continue doing so for many years. I have also removed the variable capacitor from the insulated output shaft – I can be quite thick about some things. I can pick up more dials and gear drives like this in the future, confident in the knowledge that if they are not operating properly, I can get them to work again. With a toothpick and a great deal of care, I also managed to get grease inside the ball race which of course, is very important. In the meantime, even though the dial and drive were operating smoothly, I couldn’t help wondering if they could be coaxed into operating even more smoothly. It was smooth, except for a slight jerkiness when attempting to make very small adjustments to the tuning with the dial starting from a stationary position. I don’t know what it’s called, so I’m going to call it an end plate – A close-up of the worm gear assembly – The elliptic bearing hub is not actually elliptic. It is just that the hole through which the shaft of the worm gear passes, is off-center to the hub, so that the inner number dial on the micrometer dial is driven in an eccentric fashion. Directional Drive Wheel pushes the cartridge or bullet into the stop for accurate, repeatable readings with equal pressure. I am very taken with the types of mechanics and engineering you find in old radios – and this is in such good condition. If you enjoy, and get use out of the site, I encourage you to make a small donation to help keep it online. I had never owned one of these before, so didn’t know exactly what to expect from it. The PW drive has an output shaft that runs parallel to the front panel. Henry kindly gave me permission to use National’s cut-away photo of this gear drive that I found on his website. This allows rapid, smooth, tool-free adjustments. Indicator stand can be place in front OR rear machined slots. Лампа Philips Xtreme Vision H4 60/55W 3700K 12342XV+S2 (2 штуки). Close-up showing the springs that hold the index dial to the number dial – Sparingly grease the inside of the number dial only, where the toothed edge is. Look a little over halfway down the page, under the heading “Lubrication and Assembly Of The PW Gear Drive” and underneath that, the section titled “PW-D Micrometer Dial”.

. This way you can measure on the of the case neck. They really don’t make ’em like they used to. Жидкость для двигателя Fenom FN 400 «Быстрый старт».

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. You don’t have to hold the case down with your fingers while maintaining side force against the case rim stop. The other reason was that I wanted to understand how it worked – and not in a “book” way, by looking at diagrams, but by actually taking it apart and seeing how all the parts fit, and work, together. I could have easily done that but once I get started with these things, I like to take them to completion. That way, you’ll understand how they work and will be able to fix them when they go wrong – Here’s the gear housing, elliptic bearing hub, and worm gear with the washers, spring and ball race assembled on it. Hopefully, even my poor drawing will give you an idea of how it works – on this page on the Western Historic Radio Museum website. They are very elegantly engineered, with a small number of parts working together to make a very smooth tuning mechanism. Morever, this allows very fast one-handed operation


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