Mystery Balance Charger for 2/3-Cell Lithium Ion/Polymer Batteries

Mystery Balance Charger for 2/3-Cell Lithium Ion/Polymer Batteries
Mystery Balance Charger for 2/3-Cell Lithium Ion/Polymer Batteries

Comes with charging cables - Digital balance charging of multiple cell lithium batteries - Supports 2-cell and 3-cell lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries - Built-in safety sensor circuitry (LED flashes Red and Green to indicate battery connection problem) - Automatically stops when battery is fully charged - LED charging status and error indicator - Stainless steel metal casing - Ultra light and portable form factor - Charging rate: 8.5A DC (power adapter sold separately).5V 1.5V ~ 13.4V (2-cell) 800mA / 12.6V (3-cell) 800mA - Powered by 11

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The Mystery of Work Life Balance -

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