Mystery Brushless Electric Motor for R/C Models (11.1V 4300rpm)

Mystery Brushless Electric Motor for R/C Models (11.1V 4300rpm)
Mystery Brushless Electric Motor for R/C Models (11.1V 4300rpm)

Model: 2627-4200

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PRO-BIKER CE-04 Skeleton Motorcycle Racing Gloves - Blue + Black (Size L / Pair). I do not own the picture with the adjustable setup.  Because the resistance can easily be measured and the applied voltage is known, the current when the rotor is locked can be found easily. He inserted two rods into the unit and declared, "Now we have power". The inventor claims that the device generates a directional toward the narrow end of the tapered cavity. No thrust resulted 🙁 i will post the video soon. Story Number Three - The Tesla Flying Machine The Tesla flying machine was called the Telautomaton. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I did not have time time to do any new setup. The biggest change in the temperature is on thee fins of the magnetron. So as the current in the motor increases, the speed of the motor decreases. The formula to calculate Kv for a brushed DC motor is to just divide the speed by the generated DC voltage that you measure using your multimeter. A man who convinced Edison that DC wouldn't travel and AC electricity was the answer. And when something seems right but is actually wrong, it tends to cause a lot of confusion. However, I want to stress that Kv is not a “rating,” but rather it is a motor constant.  It consists of a resistor, an inductor, and a back-emf in series with an applied voltage. The main thing I want you to take away from this post is that when a motor rotates it generates a back-emf. Radio, fluorescent lighting, brushless turbines and a host of other new ideas.  But first, we need to know a little bit about brushed motors and back-emf.  You can measure the RPM with a tachometer or strobe. I`m willing to collaborate for different projects  or working in a creative company, to develop and test new technologies.  So there is no way to use Kv to tell you how powerful your motor is. Morgan to raise money for his research on wireless power, the aether and gravity control. After running the car on this mysterious source of power for four hundred miles he said he could continue until the car wore out and fell apart. The device was also tested in vacuum with the thrust is sill present so the air convection or other possible air movement is ruled out. Дефлектор Skyline Sl-wv-668. And his name would be expunged from history. And, to be honest, this will get you pretty close.  The large motor will be more powerful than the small power. Unlike Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla was merely a visionary and inventor and not a businessman.  One example of this tester is here, but there are other available out there. He built the world's largest Tesla coil and used the entire earth as a conductor and he said if he could put a wire around the entire planet Earth he could make it move like a giant space ship. The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century, Man Out of Time, and other book titles describe one of the most fabulous yet forgotten inventors of our age. No propellor, no jet, not saucer shaped, more like a torpedo.  The back-emf is proportional to the rotational speed of the motor. After discharge put the ends in short circuit and wait for a couple of seconds to be absolute sure that there is no voltage. Sorry if i did not post anything this days. The power of a magnet is measured in 'teslas'. They may be myths only because the man never got funding. The traveling electricity show of Nikola Tesla had begun. Brushless Motor Kv “Rating” The model I described above was for a brushed DC motor. And the man who built the world's first power station at Niagara Falls which when fired up launched the grid, electricity on a wire. Update: the car has been found but no aether generator Story Number Two - The Nikola Tesla Death Ray In a nutshell, the Tunguska explosion was thought to be a meteor that exploded before it hit the ground.  And because current is proportional to torque, we can also say that as the torque of the motor increases, the speed decreases. In this case the back-emf reduces to zero and the current is equal to the applied voltage divided by the resistance:. In a small Siberian village, herders of Reindeer are awakened by a huge ball of light, followed by an enormous explosion. But it's also easy to point the finger at Einstein and accuse, plagiarist. This man of the century has for the most part been written out of science and education today. However, Kv is related to another important motor constant – Kt, the torque constant.  You can measure the voltage using a digital multimeter. With this change in magnetic field, the frequency output should change. Strangely, the name, Nikola Tesla, does not appear in America's education system. Because i do not have a cooler to the magnetron i can not put a servomotor to continuously adjust the cavity length because  magnetron will heat fast. ___________________________________________ Modifications: magnetron moved to the smaller side Coil added to the magnetron to try to adjust the frequency.  This situation occurs the motor can’t rotate.  If we assume that the current through the circuit is a constant DC current, we can ignore the inductor in the model and we are left with a resistor and a back-emf in series. Brushed Motor Model I’ve explained the very basics of what a brushed motor is in another post. By changing the current in the coil around the magnet i will change the magnetic field created, overimpose to that of the magnet. Based on his previous notoriety it's easy to wonder why he never got the opportunity to carry on. One concept I didn’t explain was the back-emf. Definitely the air is going upward from the fins.  This tells us: Which tells us that the units are at least equivalent. The other method of finding the resonance is to adjust the length of the cavity. After i will go around that value from mm to mm with the screw. _________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, guys, i`m still alive. With the car prepped to run electrically, Tesla visited a nearby hardware store and with items off the shelf, built a unit in his hotel room the night before the test that reportedly captured power from the aether and converted it to electricity. In other words, the power derived from the aether was limitless, and free. For those and others who had invested in Tesla and found themselves suddenly rich, when it came to invest again there was little interest. Three Tesla inventions that never got done due to lack of confidence and finance and an attitude that Tesla was now a mad scientist, depicted as such in cartoons of the time. The motor Kv constant is the reciprocal of the back-emf constant: So Kv tells us the relationship between motor speed and generated back-emf.

The main problem with that description is that it is wrong. Given this, we can make a simple model of a DC brushed motor.

Nikola Tesla - Free Energy and Antigravity Technology

. My youtube channel is on  If you have any question about this constructions you can send me an e-mail at I`m designing in Eagle-cad : brushless controller circuits, dc motor controller circuits,protection circuits,etc. Wireless power for everyone, antigravity machines and a powerful death ray. The device uses a magnetron to produce microwaves which are directed into a metallic, fully enclosed conically tapered high resonant cavity with a greater area at one end of the device, and a dielectric resonator in front of the narrower end. So i will need to manually adjust the length for each test to  observe the scale and then let the magnetron to cool ant test again. The world will never know nor benefit if there were a hidden truth to Tesla's wild side. One man is making a difference in correcting erased history of Nikola Tesla, John Wagner. Tesla criticized Einstein but others criticized Tesla for ripping off Keely. There is some conjecture that the power didn't come from the aether but instead from one of Tesla's magnifying transmitters delivering wireless power. Whether he ever actually built and flew a craft capable of gravity control is conjecture.

Take apart that PC Box Fan- see what’s inside brushless DC.

. He sold his patents to Westinghouse who financed his further research until he claimed he could deliver free power to every person on the planet, wirelessly.  For brushless motors, you would measure the RMS voltage between any two leads. Tomorrow i will move the magnetron above the middle of the frustum, to the small end. Inside the scale is also a “spring” to keep the weight the the test should be the same. I hope others can make their own EmDrive and have positive results. This story helps form the "Tesla Church", those who have formed an unswirving belief in everything Tesla.  For example, if you crash your quadcopter and the prop of one of the motors can’t spin because the ground is preventing it from turning. JP Morgan is said to have given Tesla just enough money not to succeed. For brushed DC motors, you would measure the voltage between the two motor leads. Another think i want to test is to try to reduce the current on the filament with a separate power supply in hope that i will decrease the power in  “search”of some thrust. Those with financial clout had lost confidence in Time's Man of the Year. The life of Nikola Tesla is well documented but the father of electricity was Edison not Tesla, even though Edison's idea of DC electricity wouldn't have worked till Tesla dropped by and convinced him of AC. I do not have a Tweeter account by the way. I`m now building new laboratory and i would appreciate any small donations for new shop materials or equipment to improve designs, and make new interesting and innovative projects.  But it doesn’t tell you how powerful the motor is or how much current it can handle or how efficient the motor is. After all, Tesla had given the world universal power on a wire and the meter was ticking dollars into the wallets of Edison, Morgan and Westinghouse and others. If proven to work as claimed, this technology could be used to propel vehicles intended for all forms of travel including ground travel, marine travel, sub-marine travel, airflight and spaceflight. Using basic circuit analysis, we can write: From this simple model we can learn a lot about a motor. If true, they put Tesla above Einstein and Edison in a class of his own. I hope i can change enough to find the resonance frequency of the frustum and hope for higher thrust. I will replicate the experiment and try to observe the thrust.  then i will see witch one has the most thrust. Other: These three Tesla stories are what fascinate people interested in Tesla today. Gravity control on a large scale would allow us to skirt incoming planet killer asteroids Tesla never got credit for first inventing radio until it was proven that his patents pre-dated Marconi's. Even though brushless motors are a type of AC motor, the assumptions made allow us to use Kv in a similar way as with brushed DC motors


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