PVA Chamois Car / House Cleaning Towel Cloth - Purple (Size L)

PVA Chamois Car / House Cleaning Towel Cloth - Purple (Size L)
PVA Chamois Car / House Cleaning Towel Cloth - Purple (Size L)

Model FF050 Quantity 1 piece(s) Type Cleaning Cloth Material PVA chamois Color Purple Function Great for car and house cleaning hair drying etc. Other Features Soft and comfortable; Strong water absorption ability; Quick drying; Size: L Packing List 1 x Cleaning towel

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The micro fiber not only picks up left overs, but it does not leave pools of water on your floors. anything that was missed after vacuuming and dusting the floor. The grooves in the head pick up debris and traps it until the mop head is rinsed. My NEW mop holds about half a gallon of liquid easily, and can be wrung out to just dampness. This one seems just like the original and it works wonderfully! I'm a very happy shopper. What I like about it is that the floor dries within minutes. I have had my mop for a few years and it has always slipped. They are very quick to soften so I use much less water. The biggest problem I've had is that the top part where you screw it to the mop was too long so the whole mop head wouldn't be able to be sucked in completely to wring it out all the way. The good news is that not only was the replacement well made but the price was a lot lower then any of other replacement heads we found before this one. Love these mops for my cleaning business ! Hope the mops are stocked next time. You can use real hot water to get a cleaner floor. The sponge head did a fair job of cleaning the floor after it was swept, but was terrible at soaking up any amount of liquid. I will need more so I will surely be back. The kids spill a lot which needs mopping.With a regular mop and about every other household mop when your done using it water is usually left on the floor, Then we found the PVA mop. It cleans well and easier to get the water up with this head. the handle is made so you can adjust from long to short, however the handle does slip down, while mopping even though it has been tightened. This is the only type of mop head to use. And they have kept their shape better and don't shrink as much. They hold up, clean well and pick up stuff that even our powerful central vac system can't. A kitchen sponge was more effective at cleaning spills than this mop. Doesn't leave a lot of water or liquids on the floor. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THE REPLACEMENT MOP HEADS. The replacement mop head is easy to replace and soaks up the moisture.

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. I would recommend you to anyone interested in an on-line procurement.

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. Dealing with you has been above average on-line experience. I thought they would work as well as the blue mop heads, but they seem to work better. Полироль GRASS очиститель пластика Polyrole Matte 1л. Allows faster drying time when cleaning up messes. It was excellent at getting all the water up. The only complaint I would have on the MOP itself. I bought three of them from simply good stuff that were green. I feel these work as well or better than any mob around and plan to keep using them as long as I can get them. They are a bit too soft to dry off most of the water for rapid drying time but they are good for cleaning. The grooved mop picks up lint, crumbs, and dog hair. Then with help of the internet we found Simplygood and they had the Quality we needed. They work great and last for long periods. That also meant it would flop around too much on the floor while I was mopping. We couldn't find a quality replacement head. I have found excellent quality in your merchandise at reasonable prices. My previous mop was a Name Brand and not inexpensive.

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. Glad I could find these on-line and hope I will be able to continue to purchase them for a reasonable price in the future. We had tried several different kinds of mops. In addition, it only takes minuets to dry. They work great and last for long periods, even with frequent usage. I had bought the mop a few years ago @ a home show & havent been able to find refill since.   Average Rating: This stuff is rated: Review Count: Add your own: Write a Review.still am convinced these are the best product for cleaning wood or tile floors.

They either only lasted for one use or left residue all over the floor. Антифриз-концентрат 1л liqui moly kuhlerfrostschutz kfs 2000 g11 8844. These PVA mop heads really pick up the dirt and are easy to clean and last a long time. They are indeed "simply good stuff"! When I need more, I shall certainly let you know. Really like the way it picks up dog or cat hairs and dirt. Удлинитель АРСЕНАЛ НУ-14/4.

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